Brian Walsh(non-registered)
Love to work with you again in the future! You rock! XOXO
Lovely Lee(non-registered)
Talented! Just one word needed to describe Mr. Farrah!
I could use many more, but I would take up too much space
Its always a pleasure to work together !
Sincerely Yours(non-registered)
Charles is an amazing photographer that puts much pride into his work. His attention to detail and lighting is phenomenal. My work with him is some of the best material in my portfolio. To top it off, he's a joy to work with.
Bunny Buxom(non-registered)
Charles was such a delight to work with, he's professional and warm and shooting with him is very comfortable. He's collaborative and very timely with his images. He delivers stunning quality images incredibly quickly. I can't wait to work with him again!
Rita MenWeep(non-registered)
Charles Farrah was an absolute pleasure to work with! He is very professional and I received images back almost immediately. He puts his client at ease and is totally open to collaboration when it comes to getting the images that you want and need. I'm very glad to have worked with him!
Minx Arcana(non-registered)
Charles is not only absolutely delightful to work with, he consistently produces beautiful and dramatic images that spotlight the best attributes of his models. With his professional yet friendly demeanor, I feel completely at ease in front of his camera and as a result we often have many usable shots to choose from at the end of a shoot. He is also very responsive to feedback and I really appreciate the collaborative approach that he takes throughout the creative process. For all of these reasons, he is one of my favorite photographers to work with and I would highly recommend him to others!
Emily Linstrom(non-registered)
A complete gentleman to work with! Charles truly brings out the beauty and uniqueness of all his subjects, and is prompt and efficient in delivering finished images. Absolutely recommended.
Lickitty Split(non-registered)
What a pleasure it is to work with Charles!! I had fun the whole way through this process: collaborating on a creative concept, working together on the day of the shoot with his extreme professionalism and respect for myself and the other artists, and his great admiration of how all of our hard efforts paid off with the finished product. By far, he is one of my favorite humans -- and favorite photographers to work with.
Kimberly Vigdor(non-registered)
Charlie is an amazing photographer. He is personable, levelheaded, creative and hardworking. A phenomenal talent, whose natural ability and level of professionalism set him at the top of the list of "need to work with" photographers. As a client or colleague, you are treated with equal respect and enthusiasm and get phenomenal captures for a lifetime of memories.
Sean Miner(non-registered)
Charles Farrah has a unique talent for taking his subject's inherent beauty to 11. He has worked with a number of models that I know in both personal and professional settings, and I believe I have never seen any of them rendered more gorgeous by any other photographer.
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